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CPR/AED education resources

Explore additional resources, activities, and ideas to supplement school-based CPR/AED education and training.

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Lesson #2: CPR on a child

Lesson #2: Hands-Only CPR on an adult or teen

Lesson #3: One person applying an AED on a child

Lesson #3: Two people applying an AED on an adult or teen

Lesson #3: One person applying an AED on an adult or teen

Lesson #4: Infant CPR

Lesson #4: Choking rescue on an infant

Lesson #4: Choking rescue on an adult, teen, or child

Additional videos

Suggestions for teachers and students who want to supplement lessons with hands-on practice activities:

Create a homemade DIY manikin to demonstrate skills

Skills Demonstrations
These activities are not intended to replace CPR and AED Skills testing, but to gain general understanding of the skills components and provide other learning style options. Some activities may require the student sending a video or doing a virtual demonstration on an online video chat platform.

Correct hand placement for compressions or AED placement

  • Draw an outline of a body on newspaper or (sidewalk chalk!) draw the rib cage, and then place hands correctly for CPR. Place two sticky notes on the outline to show the placement of the AED pads and take a picture
  • Student place their hands correctly on a human model and take a picture
  • Place hands on homemade DIY manikin and take a picture
  • Students use illustration to draw hands on site of proper hand placement for CPR and draw two rectangles where the AED pads should be placed.

Correct depth

  • Students identify 5 items in their home that are 2"-2.4"
  • Students demonstrate compressions on an under-inflated soccer ball, football, playground ball, or homemade DIY manikin and send a video or demonstrate on a video chat platform

Correct rate

  • Students demonstrate how to interlock their hands, use correct body mechanics and follow correct rate on an underinflated soccer ball, football, playground ball, or homemade DIY manikin. Since these items won't demonstrate true recoil, students should imitate and describe that motion. Send video or demonstrate on video chat platform

Students can review their CPR knowledge and skills through interactive online tools such as:

  • Heart Class Interactive Video (requires using the Chrome web browser)

  • Laerdal's CPR Anniewhere app (Video below)
    Teaches compression rate to students and allows teachers to remotely observe students practicing compressions on any manikin or manikin substitute (rolled towel, pillow, yoga mat, etc.)