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Medical Incident Report Form

The EMS Division collects data about each paramedic and EMT emergency medical response using a specific form called the Medical Incident Report Form (MIRF).There are two different forms that are currently used in King County: 

MIRF education modules

The MIRF Education Modules were created by the EMS Division to assist Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) agencies in filling out the MIRF. The modules, presented in Microsoft PowerPoint review how to fill out MIRFs, why EMS personnel must fill out MIRFs, how the information is used, and when to fill out MIRFs. Furthermore, the modules address components of writing a good report and the legal issues involved with the MIRF.

Data dictionary

The EMS 2010 Data Dictionary reflects the standard data elements to be collected for all medical incidents in which EMS personnel are involved and represents a collaborative effort on the part of EMS representatives within King County to agree on a common dataset.

Geocode Atlas

The Geocode Atlas provides EMTs and paramedics an easy tool, the geocode, for linking important individual patient information on the Medical Incident Report Form to geographic location. This linkage has played a vital role in monitoring EMS unit performance in the county and planning future enhancements to the emergency response system.

The full version of the Geocode Atlas includes sixty-four pages, covering all the fire departments and fire districts in King County. Each map includes the road network (with major highways, primary and secondary roads), lakes, streams and wetlands, the locations of fire stations, paramedic quarters, hospitals, fire districts boundaries, and the grid for the countywide Fire/EMS geocode system.