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Other permit-required stormwater management resources for development and re-development

Permit-required stormwater management resources for development and developed land.

Permitting Division: King County Department of Local Services (DLS)

King County DLS permitting resources

Modeling resources

Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling Software required by the SWDM

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Manual

The Stormwater Pollution Prevention Manual describes required best management practices for businesses, residents, managers, and owners of property in unincorporated King County to apply to reduce the contamination of stormwater, surface water, and groundwater.

Stormwater drainage facility maintenance

Web page with guidance and links to relevant SWDM sections

Guide for property owners, developers, engineers, or field crews overseeing, specifying, or conducting the maintenance on commercial and multifamily drainage facilities.

Improving ditch maintenance for water quality

Ditch maintenance project

Wetlands knowledge, regulations, compliance, and resources

King County Code related to the SWDM

Current versions