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One of the easiest ways you can help contribute to King County's zero waste future is by choosing reuse and avoiding disposable items. Durable items such as reusable cups, bags, or food serviceware will help reduce the amount of waste you produce and can save you money over time.

logo for King County's Bring Your Own Cup reuse campaign

Bring Your Own Cup! (BYOC)

King County is choosing reuse! We've partnered with businesses throughout King County to help reduce waste from single-use cups.

Join the BYOC Campaign by bringing your own reusable cup to coffee shops, celebrating reuse efforts in your community!

  • Reusables are better for the planet: Over their lifecycle, reusable cups have lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to disposable alternatives.
  • Reusables reduce litter: Transitioning to reusables helps prevent litter from ending up on the streets, in storm drains, and in rivers and lakes.
  • Reusables are safe: Washington State Retail Food Code allows businesses to refill personal beverage containers. Reusables are safe and do not spread Covid-19.

You can feel good about doing your part to prevent pollution and other harmful environmental impacts! Learn more about the many benefits of reusables by visiting

For consumers

  • Why should I bring my own cup?
    Using your own reusable cup reduces waste and the environmental impacts from using single-use cups. Reusable cups also help keep your beverage hot or cold and allow you to enjoy it on the go without waste.
  • Is it safe to bring my own cup?
    Yes! Washington State Retail Food Code allows consumer-owned beverage containers to be refilled by food establishments. The beverage container must be easily cleanable, intended for repeated use, and visibly clean. Refilling must be a contamination-free process.
  • I don’t want to hold up the line. How can I make this process as easy as possible for the person serving me?
    Just follow these three easy steps:
    1. Make sure your cup is clean before handing it to the person serving you.
    2. Know what size drink your reusable cup holds (e.g. 8 oz., 10 oz., 12 oz., etc.) before you order.
    3. Hang on to your lid while your drink is being prepared.

For businesses and baristas

  • Why should I encourage my customers to bring their own cup?
    You will save money on single-use cups, time spent taking out the trash and restocking cups, and space needed for their storage. When customers use their own cup, they are reducing waste and the environmental impacts from using single-use cups. You might also benefit from customer loyalty and an improved customer experience.
  • How do I encourage customers to bring their own cup more often?
    You can ask your customers whether they prefer to have their drink in their own cup when they order.
    Discounts and other financial incentives are a classic motivator and a great way to boost customer loyalty! You can offer discounts to your customers to incentivize them to bring their own cup. Most discounts typically range from 10 to 50 cents off. Others opt to always charge for the small beverage size when they use their own cup.
    You can also proudly display a Bring Your Own Cup decal in your business and/or on social media.
  • Does the Food Code allow me to refill customer-owned cups?
    Yes! Washington State Retail Food Code allows consumer-owned beverage containers to be refilled by food establishments. Consumer-owned beverage containers may be refilled with a drink by an establishment without a separate, approved plan if:
    • the container is designed to be easily cleaned;
    • the container can be rinsed with fresh, running hot water at the food establishment;
    • the employee ensures the container is visibly clean prior to refilling;
    • the container is only refilled with a drink for the container’s owner; and,
    • the container is refilled by an employee or the container’s owner if using a dispensing system that prevents contamination.
  • A customer asked me to wash their dirty cup. What do I do?
    If washing a cup for a customer prior to refilling is not possible or convenient, your establishment can choose to only accept clean customer-owned cups.
  • How do I know what size drink I should make with a customer’s cup?
    Easy! Follow these simple steps:
    1. Ask the customer if they know the size of their cup.
    2. If they don’t know, fill the customer’s reusable cup with water. Then, pour the water into a measuring vessel to determine how many ounces the container holds.
    3. Confirm the order size with the customer that doesn’t exceed the cup’s size and the largest beverage size that you offer. For example, if the customer’s cup holds 14 ounces. and your typical beverage sizes are 8, 12, and 16 ounces, ask them if they want an 8 oz. or 12 oz. drink.
Re+ (zero waste) program logo

Re+ (zero waste)

Bringing your own cup, and choosing other reusable items is an important way you can contribute to King County's Re+ initiative to reinvent the region's waste management system, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and create a more equitable, sustainable local economy.

If your business is interested in participating in our BYOC program, or if you have any other comments or questions about BYOC or other reuse efforts, contact us at