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Learn about our CompostWise Program, which helps public agencies make better use of compost. Find information on applying compost, the King County universal contract, our technical assistance program, and more.

CompostWise logo over an image of rich, brown soil and a green, leafy plant

About the CompostWise program

Applying compost improves environmental outcomes for public projects. It aids stormwater management, supports waste reduction, and cultivates local green jobs.

King County’s CompostWise Program works to bolster the regional compost market. We do this by procuring and using food and yard waste compost. Additionally, we collaborate with other jurisdictions to encourage similar practices.

Compost resources

  • King County's Universal Compost Contract
    Any King County agency can use this universal contact. The agency can contact the vendor directly and reference the CPA when purchasing. Any regional public agency can piggyback off of this contract, if the jurisdiction has a cooperative purchasing agreement with King County.
  • King County's Universal Compost Contract Calculator
    Calculates amount of compost needed and cost of compost based on rates in King County’s universal compost contract.
  • CompostWise Technical Assistance Program
    The CompostWise program aids both King County agencies and regional jurisdictions on any project or program that would like to use compost. If you need assistance or have questions about compost, reach out to
  • Compost Procurement & Use Plan
    Reporting form for King County consultants, contractors, and program managers to confirm project components and report anticipated compost procurement at 30% Design.

Relevant policies for public agencies

  • King County Organics Market Development Plan
    As requested by the King County Council, the plan submitted by the Executive to expand and enhance the regional market for compost that is produced using the county's organics stream.
  • Washington State Law (RCW 43.19A.120)
    Use of compost products in projects (RCW 43.19A.120) – Encourages compost procurement and use and public agencies must consider compost for public projects.
  • Washington State Law (RCW 43.19A.150)
    Cities and counties required to adopt a compost procurement ordinance – Report (RCW 43.19A.150) – Updates chapter 43.19A RCW use of compost products in public projects and requires a reporting system to document compost purchases.
  • King County Zero Waste of Resources by 2030 Goal
    Achieve zero waste of resources by 2030 through maximum feasible and cost-effective prevention, reuse and reduction of solid wastes. Recovering organic material is an essential part of reaching this goal.
  • King County Strategic Climate Action Plan
    A five-year blueprint for County action to confront climate change, integrating climate change into all areas of County operations and its work in the community. The 2020 update includes supporting regional compost markets and application.
  • King County Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan (2019)
    Sets strategies for managing solid waste in King County over the next six to 20 years. Recovering organic material is an essential part of reaching this plan.

Other resources