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Applications and permits

Find important permit information for your on-site septic/sewage system project.

OSS permitting review timeline

➜ OSS permitting review timeline

The OSS Permitting Program's current review time is approximately 12 weeks. This is due to staffing turnaround and a very high number of OSS applications submitted this spring. Please find your application on the Status Lookup for project-specific status updates. We appreciate your patience as we work diligently to review your applications as quickly as possible.

On-site sewage/septic system repair and replacement

A step-by-step guide for septic system repairs based on the permit you need.

Permitting for house or building remodels or expansions

Find the permitting steps for your remodels or expansions on septic systems.

Permitting for subdivisions and boundary line adjustments

Find the steps for permitting a subdivision or boundary line adjustment associated with a septic system.