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Residential compost services

Learn about curbside food and yard waste collection services in King County. 

What goes in the yard waste bin?

Disposing yard waste in your garbage container is prohibited by city and county ordinances. Instead, put yard waste, food scraps, and food-soiled paper in the yard waste bin.   

Visit our compost right page for details on what belongs in the yard waste bin.

Who collects my food and yard waste? 

Private hauling companies handle curbside collection of yard waste, garbage, and recycling. Yard waste collection is available to most households in King County as part of their garbage collection service.

For more information on fees and service, contact your local hauling company.  You can find out which hauler operates in your area by selecting your city from the drop-down.

Bring yard waste to a King County facility

You can drop off excess yard waste at several King County recycling and transfer stations.

For more information on what's accepted and disposal fees, visit our facilities page.

Find a private yard waste business

Not sure how to dispose of larger yard debris or non-compostable foods like fats, oils and grease?

Find a local business that matches your needs using our "What do I do With" tool.