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Area 1. North Mercer Pump Station

The North Mercer Pump Station is located on Southeast 22nd Street and is the western point of the Mercer Island/Enatai Sewer Upgrade Project.

Upgrading the North Mercer Pump Station now will: 

  • Make the pump station more compatible with the new pipeline 
  • Replace aging equipment 
  • Allow the system to handle the expected increase in flows over the next decades
View the North Mercer Pump Station factsheet for more information.

About the North Mercer Pump Station project

This StoryMap features information about the North Mercer Pump Station that includes: 

  • What we are building 
  • What to expect during construction 
  • What you’ll see when the work is done 

View StoryMap in full screen

Construction Reference Guide

Learn what to be aware of if you are a neighbor, resident, commuter, boater, biker, pedestrian or park user in the project area. 

View Construction Reference Guide.