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King County publishes a Local Voters’ Pamphlet that contains candidate and measure information. King County Elections does not edit or fact-check candidate or measure statements, and is not responsible for their content.

Check your mailbox! The Local Voters’ Pamphlet is mailed to all residential households in King County about 3 weeks before the election.

You can also view the PDF print edition 3 weeks before the election.

Voters’ Pamphlets are always published for primary and general elections. However, for a special election, each jurisdiction that puts a measure on the ballot must request that a voters’ pamphlet be created and published.

Alternate formats of the Local Voters’ Pamphlet (such as an audio edition) are available upon request. Contact us for more information.

The measures on your ballot reflect the districts in which you are registered to vote. The local voters’ pamphlet may cover multiple districts and include measures outside of your districts.

Candidates in the local voters’ pamphlet appear in the order they will appear on the ballot.

No. King County Elections is not responsible for the content or accuracy of the statements, and we print them exactly as they are received (including any potential errors). Candidate statement word limits are based upon the number of voters within each district.

A ballot measure explanatory statement is prepared by the district attorney; it outlines the effect the ballot measure would have if passed into law.

Districts choosing to participate in a local voters’ pamphlet are responsible for appointing committee members who agree to write statements. The statements are a way to persuade voters to vote for or against a measure. King County Elections is not responsible for the content or accuracy of the statements, and prints them exactly as they are received.

Las declaraciones se prestan para persuadir a los(as) electores(as) de que voten a favor o en contra de una medida. El Departamento de Elecciones del Condado de King no asume responsabilidad ninguna por el contenido o la veracidad de las declaraciones, cuya impresión realiza tal cual las recibe.

For general elections the Secretary of State prints a voters’ pamphlet that includes state initiatives and measures, as well as state offices. All other offices and ballot measures are printed in the King County local voters’ pamphlet.

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