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Metro is proposing two options to simplify fares—and we’d like to hear what you think by May 5th.

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ORCA services are not available at multiple QFC and Safeway stores. We are working to resolve this issue. Please contact ORCA customer service for more information.

Regional Reduced Fare Permit
Accessible Services
The RRFP entitles senior riders (age 65+), riders with a disability and Medicare card holders to reduced fares on public transportation systems in the Puget Sound region.
Access fares
Accessible Services
Access takes you anywhere a Metro bus, Seattle streetcar or Sound Transit light rail goes at that time and on that day of the week. Access customers go grocery shopping, to work and school, to get their hair cut, to check in with their doctor, meet up with friends, or to enjoy a local park.
VanPool fares
Metro manages the largest publicly owned and operated commuter van program in the nation, providing vans and everything else required to operate them.

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