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Bridge Washing in Unincorporated King County

King County crew members pressure washing a bridge.

Crews use different washing tools to meet the needs of each bridge and comply with Washington Department of Ecology and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Permits. Here, crews used a hand-held washer cleaning the lower levels of the Green River Gorge Bridge located to the west of Black Diamond, WA in 2019.  After dry cleaning, crews wash with the minimum water pressure necessary to accomplish the work and prevent the removal of existing paint and subsequent discharge to waters of the state.  

24/7 Road Helpline

24/7 Road Helpline

Call us for help at 206-477-8100 or 1-800-527-6237 with road maintenance and traffic safety issues in unincorporated King County — 24 hours a day


Bridges must be regularly cleaned in order to extend their useful life and ensure they perform safely. Bridges can become dirty from sand, dirt, gravel, pollution, and anti-icing chemicals, which can fade paint and eat away at steel.

Before and after photo of cleaning of Falming Geyser Bridge

Before and after photos of a 2018 bridge washing project on Flaming Geyser Bridge No. 3024 located north of Enumclaw, WA.  View larger image (2MB)

Bridges to be washed in 2024

These bridges will be cleaned by King County in 2024, as a part of preventative maintenance efforts.

Novelty Bridge No. 404B
Google Map | Area Map (165KB)

Smith Parker Bridge No. 615A
Google Map | Area Map (190KB)

Preston Bridge No. 682A
Google Map | Area Map (153KB)

Foss River Bridge No. 2605A
Google Map | Area Map (165KB)

Houser Way Bridge No. Renton-05
Google Map | Area Map (229KB)

Williams Ave. Bridge No. Renton-03
Google Map | Area Map (201KB)

Bronson Way Bridge No. Renton-42
Google Map | Area Map (248KB)

Soos Creek Bridge No. 3108
Google Map | Area Map (197KB)

Maxwell Road Bridge No. 3202
Google Map | Area Map (179KB)

Fifteen Mile Creek Bridge No. 1384B
Google Map | Area Map (168KB)

Map of bridges to be washed in 2024


See a larger view of the map (78KB)

List of 2024 bridge washing details

See a larger view of this list (119KB)