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Radar speed trailers in unincorporated King County

A Roads sign technician standing next to a radar speed trailer in unincorporated King County.

24/7 Road Helpline

24/7 Road Helpline

Call us for help at 206-477-8100 or 1-800-527-6237 with road maintenance and traffic safety issues in unincorporated King County — 24 hours a day

Radar speed trailers

One of the most frequent requests made to the King County Sheriff's Office and Roads is to address speeding along residential streets in unincorporated King County. Radar speed trailers can help reduce neighborhood speeding.

How do the radar speed trailers work?

A county vehicle is equipped with an electronic readerboard sign connected to a speed radar unit. The equipment is taken to the neighborhood by a county sign technician and is set up safely along the residential street. The trailer then displays the speed of vehicles as they drive by. Radar speed trailers have been shown to be very effective in reducing speeding.

What do radar speed trailers accomplish?

Radar speed trailers are an effective, inexpensive educational program that helps everyone affected by a neighborhood speeding problem, by:

  • helping speeding motorists become aware of their own violations;
  • making community members more aware of the extent of the speeding problem;
  • helping the police department prioritize their enforcement efforts.

Requesting a radar speed trailer

You can request a radar speed trailer in your neighborhood. There is no charge for this service. To schedule a radar speed trailer in your neighborhood, simply call our 24/7 Road Helpline at 206-477-8100 or email us at with your request. Please be sure to include your address and your phone number so that we may contact you to arrange a schedule for installation.