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Find out how to contact King County about sewage spills and sewer odor problems.

King County is committed to promptly and swiftly responding to incidents and complaints related to our regional wastewater conveyance and treatment system, such as bad smells coming from the sewer, sewage spills, and other sewer-related issues. 

Sewage spill response

Sewage spills, or overflows, are most often caused by clogged or broken pipes belonging to homeowners. On rare occasions, problems in the local or county sewer system can result in sewage spills on private property.


For overflows occurring from local sewer lines:

Contact your local sewer agency. Contact information for your local sewer agency can be found on your sewer bill.
For overflows occurring in the regional system (overflows from maintenance holes that say "METRO" on the lid or near King County pump stations): 

Call the King County Wastewater Treatment Division at

For guidance in the event of a sewage spill in your home: 
Refer to our How to clean up a sewage spill in your home web page.

Odor complaints

We are committed to responding to complaints of bad smells coming from our sewer system promptly and swiftly. 


For odors occurring in homes, businesses, and from local storm drains: 

Contact your local sewer agency. Contact information for your local sewer agency can be found on your sewer bill.

For odors that can't specifically be located:

Call the closest King County wastewater treatment plant's 24-hour odor control hotline for assistance.

For guidance on how to tell if a bad smell is coming from the sewer or your home: 

Check out our What’s that smell? web page for tips on telling the difference between smells.