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King County Sheriff

Leadership, Integrity, Service, Teamwork

   King County Sheriff

Emergency: Call 9-1-1

Call (206) 296-3311 24-hours to report a neighborhood problem or a crime that is not an emergency.

King County Courthouse
516 Third Ave
Room W-150
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 296-4155
TTY Relay: 7-1-1













Can we help you today?

Want to report a non-emergency incident? Multiple language options are now available to file your report online (fonts displayed as small boxes require the appropriate language conversion on your PC)

Non-Emergency Incidents
Cambodian សេចក្តី​រាយការណ៍​លើ​បណ្ដាញ​អ៊ីនធឺណិត
Chinese 网上举报
Russian Подача заявления онлайн
Spanish Denuncias en Línea\
Trình Báo Trên Mạng

If you need immediate help from the police, medics or fire department always call 9-1-1. (For 24-hour non-emergency service, or if calling from outside of King County, please call 206-296-3311.) 

Looking for a King County Sheriff's Office case record? Check out the 
Records Requests website

Need information about filing or getting copies of an accident report? You can find that

Want to search historic information about police activity in your neighborhood? Visit

Searching for basic information about Level 2 and 3 sex offenders living in a certain area? Use the Sex Offender Search tool

Do you have feedback about your experience with with a Sheriff's Office staff member? Please review the information about submitting your Commendations or Complaints here.

Interested in hiring an off duty officer?  Click here for information about costs.

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We have a lot of options to keep you informed!

isit Media Relations Sergeant Cindi West's Police Blotter OR join the Twitter feed to see the latest news and up-to-date activity as soon as it is released.

You can also 'like' us on Facebook (click the links) for information about current events at the
King County Sheriff's Office, and our 9-1-1 Communications Center

Review the latest news, technology and services that are supported by the levy-funded King County Regional Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS).

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This interactive map provides more information about each of our facilities (select the star icon for more details about each location)

Sheriff John Urquhart


Facts & Figures

King County is the state's largest metropolitan county. It spans more than 2,100 square miles and has more than 1.8 million citizens.

2012 Employees: 1056

2012 Budget: $155m

Statutory Authority RCW 36.28.010:

The Sheriff is the chief executive officer and conservator of the peace of the county

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