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Deputy careers

Deputy careers


For entry-level candidates, the testing process can take anywhere from 2 to 4 months (quicker for lateral-entry applicants) depending on several factors (e.g., applicant availability, testing and interview schedules, and available vacancies). We are currently hiring as vacancies occur. We suggest you apply now via Public Safety Testing (PST)Please note that PST scores are valid for 1 year. 


$7,500 for entries; receive $2,500 when you pass the academy and $5,000 when you pass probation, with a three year commitment. Any questions please reach out to our recruiter at:


Lateral-entry candidates can expect the testing and background process to take anywhere from 2 to 4 months on average. Apply directly through King County Civil Service at The King County Sheriff’s Office does not require lateral-entry candidates to apply or test through Public Safety Testing.

If you have not heard from King County Civil Service within 7-10 business days of testing with PST (entry-level) or submitting your application (lateral-entry) please reach out to King County Civil Service directly at 206-263-1885  or the King County Sheriff’s Office Recruiter at (206) 263-3155.


$15,000 for lateral candidates; receive $5,000 on your first paycheck and $10,000 when you pass probation, with a three year commitment. Any questions please reach out to our recruiter at:

In addition to the information here, our lateral packet provides additional information about the Sheriff’s Office, the County and the region. Please find that packet here.


Candidate Engagement Session (once a month)

The Sheriff’s Office holds a monthly Candidate Engagement Session-(CES) with the KCSO Basic Training Unit about the hiring process and deputy positions. These session are only for applicants that have sent there PST score to King County Sheriff’s Office and submitted an application.

If you would like to attend one of these sessions please email us at to sign up. There is limited seating, so reserve your seat as soon as possible.

In conjunction with the in person CES sessions, you are welcomed to check out the following video links:





Click below to find out about KCSO's hiring process

    We have a commissioned staff of more than 740 and are among the largest sheriff’s departments in the country. Our deputies have opportunities to serve in many different communities, including unincorporated King County, numerous city police departments, and two transit police agencies, among others.

    We offer countless unique assignments that range from school or community-based positions to drug enforcement and bomb disposal. Some deputies stay in a specialized career assignment, while others move between assignment types as they advance or expand their expertise. Regardless of your assignment, you’ll serve the citizens of local communities and work with them and your peers to solve crime problems. Applying to become a KCSO deputy sheriff is your first step towards an exciting and rewarding law enforcement career serving your community.

    The King County Sheriff's Office actively recruits qualified entry-level and lateral-entry (previous experience) applicants throughout the year.  We are hiring as vacancies occur.  Applying and testing now is encouraged in order to be eligible for an oral board interview.

    We strive to recruit candidates who represent the diversity of the communities we serve. We welcome men and women of every culture and ethnic background, and believe that the internal environment of the KCSO supports and respects the differences that exist between us. If you can embrace our mission, vision, goals and core values, then we are interested in you.

    If you don't have experience as a commissioned officer, you should apply as an entry-level deputy. Lateral-entry deputies must have one or more years of experience as a commissioned law enforcement officer post-probation. Our wage package allows for advanced step wage placement, using a sliding scale based on your experience, training and education.

    Asking yourself "Do I have what it takes?"  Here are a few  and  you can quickly check out. These qualifications are absolute Note that there are some additional qualifications for lateral entry applicants. You can also use the self-screening tool to see if you are the candidate we are looking for.
    Please review the information above on when the next information session is and how to sign up.