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How to locate a person in jail

Learn how to find out if an adult is in custody at a King County jail. 

Subject Lookup tool for adults in King County jails

Use the King County Subject Lookup Tool to: 

  • Find out if an adult is currently in custody in King County, 
  • Learn where an individual is being held, or
  • Find an individual's booking number. This is sometimes called a Book of Arrest (B/A) number.

You may need a B/A to contact a person in custody, or to send them money. 

If you believe a youth (under age 18) is in custody, call 206-263-9595 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). 


Court dates for people in custody

Adult and Juvenile Detention does not have information about court cases or hearings.  Find tips for contacting the appropriate court directly.

Other regional jails 

If you were not able to find the person you were looking for, they may be in another facility. Check out these other regional jails and prisons, including but not limited to: