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Metro Flex

Metro Flex is your on-demand neighborhood transit service. With one simple app—and just a few taps—you can ride anywhere in the service area, all for the same cost as a bus trip. Metro Flex is convenient, fast, affordable transit at your fingertips.

What is Metro Flex

Metro Flex is an on-demand transit service that provides rides within multiple King County neighborhoods. Get where you need to go in our modern, comfortable minivans for just one low fare. Go shopping, meet friends for lunch or head to appointments. No matter your destination within the service area, Metro Flex will take you there.

  • Convenient
    Use your phone to tell Metro Flex where you are and where you want to go. You'll receive a nearby pickup location only a short walk away.
  • Fast
    Booking your ride is quick and easy! The app will send you an approximate arrival time for your Metro Flex vehicle.
  • Affordable
    Ride Metro Flex for the same cost as a Metro bus trip. And with your ORCA card, you can transfer for free to or from a bus, Sound Transit Link light rail or Sounder.
  • Includes trip option notifications
    The new app will always list your best transit choices based on your pickup and drop-off points—whether that's a Metro Flex ride, a trip on the bus or another transit service.

Download the Metro Flex app

Download the iOS appDownload the app from Google Play

Hours and locations


Weekdays 7 am to 7 pm

No service on weekends


Weekdays 5 am to 7 pm

Weekends 7 am to 7 pm

Othello, Rainier Beach/Skyway, Renton Highlands and Tukwila

Weekdays 5 am to 1 am

Saturday 5 am to 1 am

Sunday 6 am to 12 am


Weekdays 7 am to 6 pm

Saturdays 9 am to 6 pm

Metro Flex holiday schedule

Metro Flex operates on a Sunday service schedule on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

See Metro holiday service for more details

How to ride

When you book your ride with the Metro Flex app, you’ll receive the most complete trip information. This includes live vehicle tracking and a list of other transit options.

In the app

  • Download the app and set up your profile. Select your “payment type” and then “fare/service type” to indicate any mobility needs or special fares.
  • Open the app to request a ride for you and up to 4 other passengers.
  • You’ll receive an arrival time and nearby pickup location—a short walk may be needed at pickup and drop-off.

If you have mobility needs that require a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, include this information within your Metro Flex profile. An accessible vehicle then will be automatically assigned to you for all of your rides and no walk will be required.

By phone

  • Call Customer Service at 206-258-7739 and let them know where you are and where you want to go.
  • Provide information on any mobility needs you have, and how you will pay your fare.
  • Your agent will provide your trip details, including arrival time and where to meet your driver.


  • Go to to create and/or log into your account.
  • Enter your starting and ending point, confirm locations (or double click the map).
  • Indicate any mobility needs and/or additional passengers under “1 Passenger” drop down.
  • Review trip options and select “book my ride.”
  • You will receive your trip details, including arrival time and where to meet your driver.

Fares and payment

Metro Flex rides cost the same as a Metro bus ride. Pay as you board or show proof of payment to your driver.

View current Metro fares and payment

ORCA card

Using an ORCA card lets you transfer between Metro Flex and buses, Sound Transit Link light rail or Sounder. Tap the onboard card reader (located on the back of your driver’s headrest) with your Metro Flex card.

Learn more about Metro Flex cards

Transit GO Ticket

Using Transit GO Ticket on your phone lets you transfer between Metro Flex and other Metro buses. Transfers to Link light rail and Sounder train are not covered. Show your Transit GO Ticket (on your phone app) to the driver.

Learn more about Transit GO Ticket

Credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards

Payment accepted only by phone with a customer service agent or through the Metro Flex app. Pay with your credit or debit card by entering account info into the Metro Flex app.

This method does not allow you to transfer with a paid Metro Flex fare to buses, Link light rail or Sounder. In other words, you will need to pay again for travel on other transit vehicles.

Reduced Fares

All existing King County Metro reduced fare programs, including ORCA LIFT, are accepted.

Learn more about discounted fares

Disclaimer: Standard Metro fares apply. Cash fares and paper transfers/tickets are not accepted on Metro Flex vehicles. Riders 18 and younger always ride free on Metro Flex and other transit in the region.


If you require a wheelchair accessible vehicle, need other mobility assistance, or have trouble walking short distances, please indicate all needs within your Metro Flex profile. If you book rides over the phone, tell the customer service agent about your ride support needs as well.

Please note, only one wheelchair passenger will fit in each Metro Flex vehicle. The wheelchair ramp, located in the rear of the vehicle, is designed to accommodate up to 800 pounds and wheelchairs up to 36 inches wide.


No, rides can only be requested on-demand through the app or by phone. Plan ahead and check the estimated time of arrival (ETA) when you look to book your ride. When Metro Flex vehicles are in high demand, they will require extra time to arrive to you and your location. Thank you for your patience.

If Metro Flex is experiencing very high demand or transit serves this trip, your initial ride request may not be accepted. But please try again in a few minutes. Once other riders have completed their trips, your request may be accepted.

If you’re outside of the service area, the Metro Flex service is busy or the app determines that Metro Flex is not the best way to reach your destination, other trip options will be listed, such as bus and Link light rail service.

To make Metro Flex as efficient as possible, the app looks for stopping points close to your pickup and drop-off locations. By walking a short distance, you’re reducing the amount of time you and other riders need to spend in Metro Flex vehicles—less time means more service!

Note: No walking is required for clients with who have—and list—mobility needs and for any passenger riding from 10 pm to 6 am. Be sure to indicate your mobility needs within your app profile or over the phone.

To submit your ride request you must tap the “Set drop-off” button at the bottom of the screen. The app will then list offers with a pickup location and ETA (estimated time of arrival) for your ride. Your ride offers expire after 30 seconds. To accept a ride, select your preferred option and tap the “Book this ride” button.

Metro Flex has wheelchair accessible vehicles. If you are a rider who needs a wheelchair accessible vehicle, please set this preference under the “fare/service type” section in your Metro Flex app profile or when requesting a ride by phone.

Yes! Before booking your trip, tap the “+” button after the “Traveling alone?” prompt. Scroll down the list of options to “Add a bike.” Click this option to dispatch one of our vehicles equipped with a bike rack.

There is no penalty for canceling your Metro Flex ride. However, a trip cancelation can cause unnecessary delays for other riders—please avoid canceling unless it is absolutely necessary.

Yes, children are welcome! And remember, youth 18 and younger ride free on Metro Flex and all other transit in the region. Please bring a car seat or booster seat for small children who need them–these safety restraints are recommended but not required. All children, regardless of age, must be identified as an “additional passenger” when booking your ride. And each rider must be at least 13 years old to ride alone.

Service animals are welcome to ride in Metro Flex vehicles without restrictions. Other dogs and cats must be in an airline-approved carrier in order to ride.

As Metro Flex rides are shared, each passenger is asked to limit personal items to a single piece of luggage or a reasonably sized bag. If your item doesn’t fit, Metro Flex can't guarantee your ride.

Even though the Metro Flex app asks for your method of payment, payment isn’t collected until you tap your ORCA card against the vehicle’s onboard reader.

Not to worry–you can still ride for a reduced fare amount by updating your profile settings in the Metro Flex app. To choose your fare type, tap the “Menu” button in the top left, and select “Fare/Service Type.” From the dropdown menu, select your correct fare type. Since payment happens on board, our ORCA card readers will automatically know if you have a reduced fare ORCA card and will charge you the correct reduced fare, regardless of what the receipt says.

Metro Flex Access On-Demand is a pilot program for pre-qualified Access customers. It provides same day, on-demand accessible rides in Metro Flex vans, within a specified service area. Riders are picked up within about 30 minutes of booking a ride, and rides may be shared. During the pilot phase, Metro will invite select Access customers to try out Metro Flex Access On-Demand.

Learn more