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Disease and illness

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Avian flu

Learn more about avian (bird) flu and how to stay safe if you’re around birds and wildlife.

Cancer resources

The program connects adults with diagnostic services and treatment and work to improve access to services, especially for people who face additional hardships to getting health care.

COVID-19 information and resources

Learn how you can protect against COVID-19.

Respiratory virus data dashboards: COVID-19, Influenza, and RSV

This page shows respiratory virus data for King County, WA

Foodborne illness outbreaks

View King County food borne illness outbreaks and state and national outbreaks with reported King County cases.


Learn where and how to get immunizations in King County, including information for health care providers.

HIV and STIs

The HIV/STI/HCV Program offers services and resources to decrease new infections and help those living with HIV, STIs, and HCV lead healthier lives.

Additional links

Arsenic and lead poisoning

Learn what you can do to protect your and your family's health from the lead and arsenic pollutants.


Asthma resources for parents, providers and educators.


Find information and resources for hantavirus, which is spread by deer mice in Washington.


Information and resources about Hepatitis in King County.

Influenza (flu)

Information and resources on influenza (flu) in King County including when and how to get a flu shot.


Information about measles and the measles vaccine.


Information and resources on Mpox in King County, including vaccination resources.

Provider resources

Information for health care providers including health advisories, disease report requirements, and infection control guidelines and resources.

Tuberculosis (TB)

Where to get a TB test for school or work, reporting requirements for health providers, and annual TB reports and data summaries.

Zoonotic diseases

Pet and animal related business permits, animals to human disease facts, and resources for veterinarians.