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Safety and injury prevention

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Emergency preparedness

Resources and information for emergency preparedness including guidelines, plans, and volunteer opportunities.

Overdose prevention and response

Learn how we address the overdose epidemic by working with partners to prevent overdoses, increasing access to evidence-based treatment, and providing harm reduction services.

Traffic safety

Find information and resources to help keep you and your family safe on the road.

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Preventing firearm injuries and deaths

Learn how we address firearm injuries and deaths by working with firearm owners and communities affected by gun violence to understand how and when firearms are used unsafely, raise public awareness of firearm safety practices, and develop and evaluate upstream evidence-based prevention programs.

Preventing window falls

Safety tips to prevent falls from windows and keep children safe.

Regional Gun Violence

The Regional Approach to Gun Violence seeks to prevent and eliminate gun violence and ensure equitable health outcomes for all by providing life-affirming care and resources to the individuals and families who are most impacted by unjust systems.

Suicide prevention

Resources for preventing suicide including crisis hotlines.

Water safety

Help keep waters in our region safe and fun by practicing simple safety tips. Find information and resources on water safety, including swimming, boating, and rivers.


We work with communities, partners, and priority populations to reduce marijuana initiation among King County youth by ensuring that all youth have the information and tools they need to make healthy decisions about marijuana.

Tobacco and vapor prevention

Learn how we promote healthy people and communities through effective cessation efforts, and prevent tobacco use, nicotine addiction, and exposure to secondhand smoke.