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Office of Equity and Community Partnerships (OECP)

The Office of Equity and Community Partnerships (OECP) works to advance racial and health equity in King County. We do this by addressing the root causes of health inequities, including systemic racism. 

Find information on what we do, who we are, and how you can connect with us.

Our community partners: We support and work with many partners – including other offices here at Public Health, community-based organizations, Community Navigators, academic and health institutions, media, and other public health departments and government agencies.  


Equity and social justice at King County – a quick history

In 2008, when King County first launched Equity and Social Justice as an initiative, Public Health was the County’s lead agency for equity and social justice. This continued until the creation of the King County Office of Equity and Social Justice in the County Executive’s Office in 2015. That County team is now called the Office of Equity, Racial and Social Justice (OERSJ). Our office works closely with OERSJ on projects like the Equity and Social Justice Strategic Plan, and launching funding and contracting opportunities for the community. 

Determinants of equity.

This image represents 14 social conditions that each of us needs to thrive. These conditions are called “Determinants of Equity,” because they help determine whether people have access to the opportunities, power, and resources we all need to thrive. The determinant of equity are: 

  • Affordable, safe quality housing
  • Access to parks and natural resources
  • Equity in county practices
  • Access to affordable, healthy, local food
  • Equitable law and justice system
  • Community and public safety
  • Access to safe and efficient transportation
  • Quality education
  • Access to health and human services
  • Healthy built and natural environments
  • Family wage jobs and job training
  • Early child development
  • Economic development
  • Strong, vibrant neighborhoods

King County identified these determinants in 2015. They will help us measure our progress toward becoming a fair and just community. In addition, the Washington State Office of Equity has adopted these measures – along with digital equity – to identify the state’s progress toward becoming an equitable and just state. 

More about Determinants of Equity: Visit the King County Office of Equity, Racial and Social Justice Determinants of Equity page