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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) education

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Division administers Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Education Programs to provide CPR education and training to targeted groups. The desired impact is to increase the incidence of bystander initiated CPR and improve the chance of survival from cardiac arrest for citizens in King County.

Community-based Hands-only CPR Education

Hands-Only CPR education is available to groups in the community, such as seniors, people with limited English proficiency, and other vulnerable populations. Education is provided in partnership with the Seattle Fire Department, the City of Seattle's Office of Emergency Management Community Safety Ambassadors, and the Community Programs section of King County Emergency Medical Services.

Reports and educational materials in several languages are available on the King County EMS Vulnerable Populations Strategic Initiative webpage to teach the community about sudden cardiac arrest and stroke, how to call 9-1-1, and how to perform Hands-Only CPR.

For more information, or to schedule Hands-Only education at your site, contact:

Other programs

CPR in a Box is a simple solution for providing self-guided Hands-Only CPR education to a community group, organization or business.

Packaged in a portable kit, CPR in a Box may be borrowed for corporate health and safety meetings, community and school events, housing association meetings, or anywhere else people want to learn Hands-Only CPR! The portability of the CPR in a Box kit allows for compact set-up in a staff break room, lobby, or communal location where people can interact and learn as their time allows.

CPR in a Box is completely self-contained and comes with:

  • CPR Manikin with feedback device
  • Instructional video and portable DVD player
  • Instructional tabletop banner
  • AED trainer
  • Educational materials and display holders
  • Tablecloth
  • Kit instructions for site facilitator

To minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission, CPR in a Box kits include user guidelines and recommendations for social distancing and equipment decontamination.

Comments from CPR in a Box users:

"The CPR in a Box kit was a great way to introduce Hands-Only CPR to our office. Several of our staff are now going to take a more extensive course in CPR."- Erik

"Thank you for loaning us the CPR in a Box kit. Our teachers loved it and feel much more confident that they could provide Hands-Only CPR in an emergency!- Maria

"My elderly dad has heart issues, and I feel a lot better knowing what to do if something happens when he is with me. Thank you so much!"- LaTonya


A display of the CPR in a Box contents

A demonstration of using the CPR in a Box kit

Washington state law (RCW 28A.230.179) requires that school districts offer CPR/AED instruction in at least one health class necessary for graduation. The King County EMS School CPR training program provides CPR/AED Training to approximately 11,000 students in grades six through twelve each year in King County, excluding the Seattle School District. Twelve school districts are awarded approximately $63,000 per year to participate in the Student CPR Training Program. Funds are used to:

  • Train school teachers to be CPR instructors;
  • Purchase CPR equipment, audio visual aids and supplies;
  • Provide CPR instructors from the community, if necessary

School districts are required to use King County EMS-approved curricula for student CPR/AED training. A curriculum designed specifically for middle and high school students was recently developed by King County EMS and is the primary curriculum available in the School CPR program.

Upon completion of the curriculum training, teachers are approved to provide CPR/AED education and training to students in the classroom. They are also required to participate in observation and continuing education every two years to maintain their skills.

For information about King County EMS’ CPR in the Schools curriculum, contact Laura Miccile or 206-477-8664

Additional CPR/AED resources are available for teachers and students, to supplement school-based CPR/AED education

The EMS Division sponsors an Employee CPR Training Program for King County employees, targeting employees who work directly with the public. King County basic CPR classes are open to all employees and they are encouraged by the King County Executive to attend during work hours. In addition, the EMS Division provides BLS (Basic Life Support) CPR/AED training to Public Health employees who work directly with patients in clinical and public settings.

The EMS Division funds King County municipalities to provide CPR/AED training to employees who work directly with the public. Funds are also used to purchase audio/visual materials, teaching supplies, and instructor fees. In addition, cities can purchase AEDs to place in public facilities within King County cities.