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Youth health and marijuana

The King County Youth Marijuana Prevention and Education Program (KC-YMPEP) is a regional effort led by Public Health—Seattle & King County and the King County Department of Community and Human Services, with funding support from the Washington State Department of Health's Dedicated Marijuana Account.

We work with communities, partners, and priority populations to reduce marijuana initiation among King County youth by ensuring that all youth have the information and tools they need to make healthy decisions about marijuana. This page is designed to strengthen efforts by providing best practices, resources, and locally relevant information for youth marijuana prevention and education.

Store drugs and alcohol safely at home

Many youth report that home is where they find and try out substances. If you share a home with young people, you can prevent accidental or intentional access.

Resources for parents and caregivers

Research shows that parents and caregivers are the most powerful influence a youth's life. You can prevent and reduce youth marijuana use by: Educating yourself, talking early and talking often about making safe and healthy choices, modeling healthy and safe behaviors and more.

Resources for teachers and community organizations

Download the Youth Marijuana Prevention Toolkit: A Guide for Parents, Teachers and Adults as well as other key resources and videos.

Resources for youth

The Youth Leadership Initiative (YLI) is a coordinated group of youth leaders and adult facilitators who work to change favorable youth attitudes toward underage marijuana use.

Resources for healthcare providers

Explore the evidence and explore youth marijuana use data.

Training library

Access past presentation slides and videos on a variety of topics related to youth marijuana use, navigating the data, strategies for community change and more.

Key resources