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College student and adult educational programs

Environmental education and training programs appropriate for college-aged adults and older, provided by King County.

Environmental learning opportunities

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Dept. of Natural Resources and Parks Washington Conservation Corps
Service opportunities for young adults and military veterans to learn by doing and get hands-on experience in the environmental field.

Educator trainings and professional development
Water, science concepts, next-generation science standards.

GIS and mapping
Learn how to create and share interactive web maps to teach students for school projects.

Natural yard care
Adult workshops on yard care and other environmental topics.

Noxious and invasive weed control
Adult workshops.

Seasonal Stream Monitoring
Sign up to receive an email or text for summer jobs that do field work and data entry. Entry level staff survey aquatic insects to assess water quality and ecological health of King County streams.

Wastewater and stormwater
Programs and facility tours.

Resource Reservoir, stormwater
Educational materials for K-adult environmental actions by Stormwater Outreach for Regional Municipalities (STORM) partnership. Look up curricula and download files.