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King County GIS Center and COVID-19

In alignment with King County operational recommendations related to COVID-19, all King County GIS Center staff are telecommuting until further notice. The King County GIS Center remains fully operational. Meetings, workshops, and classes will be conducted through online platforms such as Zoom or Skype. Together we can slow the spread of COVID-19.

The KCGIS Training Program is King County's multi-faceted approach to providing standardized and custom training options to meet the educational needs of new and seasoned GIS professionals. We offer a mix of learning opportunities, which includes ArcGIS Pro® classes, custom King County GIS Training Express™ classes, free one-hour workshops, and specialized classes offered by our GIS training partners.

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What we offer

Tailored training services—real world and hands-on

Learn how to use GIS software and data in a real-world business environment. Benefit your employer and enhance your career.

Are you new to GIS or do you want to improve your existing skills? Would you like to expand your skill set to become more productive? Do you want to master the full potential of the GIS software that you use? We can help.

  • The King County GIS Center offers a tailored selection of GIS software, data, and business-process learning opportunities. You'll learn hands-on from experienced, highly effective instructors in our convenient, well-equipped Seattle training facility.
  • ArcGIS for Desktop classes are taught by Esri Certified Trainer Mary Ullrich. Mary is a working GIS analyst and CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT ). Our ArcGIS for Desktop classes utilize training curricula and workbooks from our training partner, TeachMeGIS of Houston, Texas.
  • Our GIS Academy and custom GIS Training Express classes are designed and taught by senior KCGIS analysts who are subject-matter experts with decades of real-world GIS experience.
  • Frequent free one-hour workshops can help anyone access and master KCGIS resources, such as iMap, census data, and property information.
  • URISA Certified Workshops are developed, peer-reviewed, and maintained by subject-matter experts and provide vendor-independent education for GIS professionals and users. The workshops are taught by URISA-certified instructors.
  • Our 30 for 30 Program is a support plan that is included at no additional cost with selected ArcGIS Desktop classes.
  • Our training partners bring specialized classes and advanced GIS training to our Seattle training facility.
  • We can bring our training to your site too, saving you time and money, and we can develop custom training solutions for you and your staff.

Our broad range of classes and workshops, experienced instructors, convenient location, and low prices provide exceptional value for the time and money you invest in your GIS future.

30 for 30 Support Program

Our 30 for 30 Support Program is designed to ensure that you can successfully apply what you learn in our classes after you are back on the job.

Here's how it works. Students who successfully complete designated ArcGIS Desktop classes will have follow-up access to their instructor for up to 30 minutes of phone, email, or face-to-face support that can be used for 30 days after their class ends. GIS Academy students will have 60 minutes of support within 30 days. (30 for 30 Program support is subject to instructor availability, is available during our normal business hours only, and is not transferable.)

Need even more one-on-one support? Ask about buying KCGIS support credits.

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