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Solid waste programs

Learn about our programs to improve on waste prevention, resource recovery, and waste disposal.

Business services

Information to help your business act sustainably and reduce waste. We have tips for safely handling hazardous materials, establishing a recycling program, improving on waste prevention, and becoming a Zero Waste business.

Climate change and solid waste

Learn about the connection between waste and climate change and actions you can take to make a difference.


Learn about our CompostWise Program, which helps public agencies make better use of compost.

Food waste prevention at home

Save time and money by preventing food waste in your home with small, simple changes.

Green Schools Program

Our Green Schools Program helps school staff, district staff, and students understand sustainability. We provide tools and guidance for living more sustainably at school, at home, and in the community.

GreenTools for green building

Our GreenTools program provides tools and assistance for creating a greener built environment. Find resources on sustainable building, green home renovations, and construction and demolition recycling.

Illegal dumping

Information and tools for reporting illegal dump sites.

Junk vehicles

Information and tools for reporting Junk vehicles on your property.

King County EcoConsumer

Our EcoConsumer program highlights the environmental impacts of our everyday purchasing decisions. Find information on repair events and businesses, tool and gear libraries, and tips for sustainable holidays.


Our LinkUp program focuses on market opportunities for recycling or reusing materials. Find information on diverting paper, plastic, and compost from the landfill. Learn how to include compost in your next landscaping project with our CompostWise resources.

Natural yard care

Information to help you maintain a healthy yard through sustainable landscaping practices.

Re+ (zero waste)

Read about King County’s approach to keeping valuable materials out of the landfill and reducing climate impacts.

Take it Back Network

The Take it Back Network works to keep reusable resources and hazardous components from reaching landfills. Find locations for recycling electronics and paint in a environmentally friendly and cost-effective way.

Waste prevention

Waste prevention information that can help you reduce waste, conserve resources, and save money.

Waste reduction & recycling school programs

Learn about our elementary and secondary school programs that explore sustainability, waste reduction, and environmental justice.