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On-site Sewage/Septic System Technical Advisory Committee

About the On-site Sewage/Septic System Technical Advisory Committee

The On-site Sewage/Septic System (OSS) Technical Advisory Committee brings together industry partners and impacted parties to participate in OSS policy development and problem resolution. Their work contributes to a common understanding of OSS policies and best practices, and helps maximize the public health benefit provided by the King County OSS Programs.

Read the committee bylaws (193 Kb).

Meeting information

The On-site Sewage System Technical Advisory Committee meets at 9 am on the fourth Tuesday of January, April, and October unless otherwise noted. Meetings are held via Zoom unless otherwise noted on monthly meeting agendas. The committee's final agenda is prepared at least one week prior to each meeting.

Next meeting: February 27, 2024

Public participation

All regular committee meetings are open to the public. During the meeting, members of the public can listen to committee member discussions about proposed policies and approaches. During the last 15 minutes of the meeting, you’ll have an opportunity to provide public comment.

Please be respectful and wait until the comment period to speak. The committee chair may order the removal of individuals who are interrupting the meeting.

Previous meeting materials

For prior meeting materials, please email