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Transportation boards

As a regional government, King County has a primary goal to improve coordination of transportation services and facilities for the benefit of all. One way to do this is through transportation boards made up of elected officials from local jurisdictions and King County and representatives from transportation agencies and the private sector.

King County has three such boards, listed below. Their mission is to provide forums for sharing information and building consensus to solve common transportation problems. King County provides staffing to coordinate decision-making and implementation of multi-modal transportation improvements.

Eastside Transportation Partnership

The Eastside Transportation Partnership (ETP) provides an Eastside forum for inter-jurisdictional cooperation to implement coordinated, prioritized transportation plans and programs through leadership, education, and advocacy.

SeaShore Transportation Forum

An inter-jurisdictional forum for information-sharing, advocacy, and coordination to resolve transportation issues, and to establish priorities for implementing integrated multi-modal transportation projects and programs consistent with the goals of the Growth Management Act.

South County Area Transportation Board

The South County Area Transportation Board provides a forum for information sharing, consensus building, and coordinating in order to resolve transportation issues and promote transportation programs that benefit the South King County area.