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Superior Court Jury Duty

You may be asked to serve on a jury for a criminal or civil case in King County Superior Court. Learn more about the process and what to expect during your time serving as a juror.

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Do not report in-person until told

Please do not come to the courthouse in person until provided a location, date, and time by the court's bailiff. 

More about jury duty for King County Superior Court

Juror safety during COVID-19

How we are taking steps to keep you safe to join a jury during COVID-19.

Respond to your jury summons

What to do after receiving a King County Superior Court jury summons.

Jury duty exemptions

You must be able to prove that serving on a jury would cause you undue hardship to be exempted or dismissed from service.

Why you were chosen for jury duty

Learn more about the process and outcomes of receiving a jury duty summons.

Jury selection

Learn more on the juror selection process and how to do so remotely.