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Open a commercial account

The King County Solid Waste Division offers charge accounts to qualified customers.

Three ordinances govern account application acceptance. They include:

  1. All King County Non-Government accounts must have an irrevocable financial surety bond in place with King County Solid Waste as the payee and a minimum amount of $3,500.00.
  2. Construction and Demolition debris (C&D) will not be accepted in the King County Solid Waste Division Transfer Stations in vehicles/trucks/trailers with mechanized or hydraulic liftbeds. The load cannot contain more than 20% C&D.
  3. The ability to charge a minimum of $100.00 on the account each month.

Charge customers receive monthly bills which are due on or before the twenty-fifth day following the billing date listed on the invoice. A late payment penalty equal to one and one-half percent of the delinquent unpaid balance compounded monthly shall be assessed on the delinquent unpaid balances.

For more information related to applying for a charge account, please see the frequently asked questions prior to contacting

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