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Waste reduction & recycling school programs

Learn about our elementary and secondary school programs that explore sustainability, waste reduction, and environmental justice. Our educational services are available at no cost to schools and districts in King County, outside Seattle and Milton. This includes our activity guides, elementary school assemblies, and hands-on classroom workshops.

School programs & activities

Elementary school programs

Learn about our free assemblies and workshops for grades K-5.

Secondary school programs

Learn about our free classroom workshops for grades 6 – 12.

Student activity guides

Find student activities for all grade levels.

Other environmental education programs

King County Green Schools Program
The King County Green Schools Program provides schools and school districts tools and guidance for environmental stewardship and resource conservation. All K-12 schools and school districts in King County, and outside the City of Seattle, are eligible.

Environmental education
Learn about the Department of Natural Resources and Parks’ environmental lessons and opportunities.