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Get a replacement food worker card

Learn how to get a replacement food worker card.

How do I replace my food worker card?

You can get a replacement food worker card if your lost card has not expired yet. If your card has expired, you must retake the class and test to get a new one.

How you get your replacement card will depend on how you took your last class and test.


I took my last food worker class and test online

  • Log into your account at and print off your card. You will need to pay $10. 
  • You have up to 5 days after payment to log back in and print off as many copies as you need free of charge. After 5 days, you will need to pay $10 again.
  • Check the email that you used to register for the class. A copy of your card will be sent to that email address.


I took my last food worker class and test in-person in King County

  • Arrive 30 minutes in advance of any class start time listed on the current class schedule.
  • Show your ID and pay $10 cash.
  • The class instructor will verify in their records at the class site if you are eligible for a new food worker card. If so, they will issue you a new food worker card with the same expiration date that is on record.
  • If there are not any upcoming classes, call the Food Protection Program at 206-263-9566.


I did not take the food worker class or test in King County

  • Call our Food Protection Program for help at 206-263-9566. If you get voicemail, please leave your name, phone number, and where you took your last class.
  • If you received your last food worker card in a different Washington county, contact the county health department for that area.

If you have a food worker card from another state, it is not valid in Washington. Each state has different laws on food safety.

More information about Washington food worker cards is available on the state Department of Health website.