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Black Community Equity Team

In June of 2020, King County and Public Health declared Racism is a Public Health Crisis, building on the very important work of Dr. Camara Phyllis Jones. The Black Community Equity Team was created to confront the longstanding, systemic health inequities experienced by the Black community living in King County.

Our approach:

  • Build through listening to the Black community and creating relationships.

  • Create new ways of doing business.

  • Improve access to health care and health-supporting services for Black people.

  • Focus on Blacks living in King County where there are inter-generational, persistent health disparities.

What are we doing?

  • Listening to the voices of the community
  • Community Partnerships with community grants
  • Bringing health services to the community
  • Developing a Black Providers Network
  • Developing a new outreach location at the Skyway Resource Center

Additional community organizations are collaborating to bring services in areas that have been historically under-served, with a special focus on Skyway and Federal Way.