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Basic Food is a food and nutrition program for individuals & families who meet the income guideline (listed at right) afford healthier foods by providing monthly benefits to buy food. Basic Food will also qualify you for Free or Reduced School Meals for your child.


Eligibility is based on income, family size, and citizenship status.

Individuals who reside in Washington State must meet the following:

  • Income requirementssee guideline table below
  • Citizen requirements (include U.S. citizens and lawfully admitted residents who meet the 5-year residency requirement and some non-citizens).
  • If clients are non-citizen but they have U.S. Citizen Children, their children may be eligible.
  • Agree to participate in Food Assistance work and training program (if applicable).

How to apply

What to send:

Where to send your application

  • By mail:
    Access & Outreach
    Public Health — Seattle & King County
    401 5th Ave., Suite 1000
    Seattle, WA 98104
  • By fax:
    Fax the application to 206-296-0881
  • By email:


Income and resource limits (200% of federal poverty level)

Have income at or under the amount below based on how often you are paid:

Family Size Monthly
1 $2,510
2 $3,407
3 $4,303
4 $5,200
5 $6,097
6 $6,993
7 $7,890
8 $8,787

Monthly benefits amount for Basic Food

Monthly benefits vary by:

  • Number of people in the household
  • Income
  • Living expenses household members pay for such as:
    • Rent or mortgage, utilities, child care, child support
Household size Maximum monthly benefit allotment
1 $281
2 $516
3 $740
4 $939
5 $1,116