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About Juvenile Court

If you are younger than 18 years old and accused of committing an “offense" (breaking a law) King County Juvenile Court hears your case. We use a trauma-informed approach with a focus on individual’s needs throughout the court process.

Our therapeutic model

Juvenile Therapeutic Response & Accountability Court (JTRAC) is a trauma-informed approach. All Juvenile Court Services programs and services follow the JTRAC process to meet the individual needs of families.

Find out more about this approach by checking out our JTRAC video below or on YouTube.


Juvenile Court, Juvenile Detention, and a variety of related programs are located in the Judge Patricia H. Clark Children and Family Justice Center.

Learn more about visiting the Clark Children and Family Justice Center


The King County Sheriff's Office provides security screening at the main entrance of the Clark Children and Family Justice Center. Hazardous (those that can cause harm to others, including weapons of any kind) and illegal materials are not allowed in the courthouse. State laws regarding smoking and the possession of tobacco are strictly enforced.

Get legal support

The Department of Public Defense provides attorneys to people who are financially eligible and facing certain kinds of criminal or civil proceedings.

Learn more about legal support for your family

Other resources for legal assistance 


If you receive a letter from the court, read it carefully. It will include either a number to call or a date and time to appear in court for your first hearing.

To find out when your hearing is scheduled, you should contact

  • Your JPC, if you have one
  • Your attorney, if you already have an attorney assigned to the case
  • Court Operations at 206-263-5719

Bring any court documents you may have received, which could include your court order, court summons, or any letters from the court. 

After the hearings

You may need guidance on these next steps. 

Commonly used forms