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Picnic shelters

A blue metal-roofed picnic shelter surrounded by green grass

We offer several sizes of shelters with different seating and standing capacities. Reservations are required to guarantee usage. Electricity, sinks, running water, and barbecue grills are available in certain shelters.

  • Goups of 35 or more are required to book a picnic shelter per King County Code Chapter 7.12.030 Rules for Use of Facilities.
  • Shelters are rented in blocks of time: 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. or 3 p.m. - 8 p.m.
  • Weekend rates apply to Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
  • Additional fees may apply depending on the size and needs of each event.

Reserve shelters online

Park Shelter
Big Finn Hill Park Shelter
Cottage Lake Park Shelter 1
Cottage Lake Park  Shelter 2
Cougar Mountain Regional Park Shelter 1
Cougar Mountain Regional Park Shelter 2
Dick Thurnau Memorial Park Shelter 1
Dick Thurnau Memorial Park Shelter 2
Dockton Park Shelter
Five Mile Park Shelter 1
Five Mile Park

Shelter 2

Five Mile Park Shelter 3
Fred V. Habenicht Rotary Park Shelter
Gary Grant Soos Creek Park Shelter
Island Center Forest Shelter
Lake Geneva Park Picnic Area
Petrovitsky Park Shelter
Preston Community Park Shelter
Redmond Ridge Park Shelter
Skyway Park Shelter
South County Ballfields Shelter 1
South County Ballfields Shelter 2
Steve Cox Memorial Park Shelter
Tolt MacDonald Park Barn Shelter
Tolt MacDonald Park Bridge Shelter
White Center Heights Park Shelter

Call to reserve shelters

The following shelters must be booked via phone.

Regional Scheduling: 206-477-6150

  • Dick Thurnau - Shelter 3
  • Duthie - Shelter
  • Mary Cash - Shelter
  • Maury Island - Shelter
  • Ravensdale Park - Shelter


Marymoor Park: 206-477-7275

  • Marymoor Park - Picnic Shelter North
  • Marymoor Park - Picnic Shelter South
  • Marymoor Park - Velodrome Picnic Area
  • Marymoor Park - Picnic Area A
  • Marymoor Park - Picnic Area B