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Washington State Law requires placement of an AED in Fitness Centers

Beginning June 6, 2024, Fitness Centers in Washington State are required to have an AED on site.  Learn more about SB 5592 and other requirements for AED owners under RCW 70.54.310, or select a topic below.

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AED site implementation

Follow steps designed to assist in the implementation of an AED program and help preserve the principle of continuity of emergency patient care.

Prescription and purchasing

Most AED models require a prescription, which can be obtained through King County EMS. Washington state law also requires that a licensed physician provide medical direction to a person or entity for the use of the device.

AED registration form

After purchasing your AED, the next step is to register it with King County EMS. When your device is registered, 911 dispatchers can direct callers to the nearest AED in an emergency.

Request medical direction for an AED

The Medical Director will provide medically approved protocol to assist you in developing an AED program appropriate for your home or business.

AED training

In accordance with Washington state law, AED users should receive reasonable instruction in defibrillator use and CPR.

What to do after a sudden cardiac arrest

AED site coordinators should insure that in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest, a plan is in place to restore the AED into service and inform EMS about the use of the device as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions about AEDs

Learn about whether someone can be injured from an AED; the difference between prescription and medical direction; applicable laws; what to do after an AED is used and more.

AED program history

In 1998, the Washington State Legislature enacted a specific law (RCW 70.54.310) to facilitate implementation compliance of a citizen defibrillation program. With increased technology resources, the role of the Community Responder continues to evolve.

Sudden cardiac arrest survivor stories

Learn how bystanders acted quickly, beginning chest compressions and calling 911 while locating the nearest AED and using it to save the life of Bob McCleskey, CEO of Sellen Construction and on another occasion, the life of Bill Krueger, former Seattle Mariners pitcher.

Medically-approved protocols for use of an AED in King County

Follow the 3 main steps to use an AED and observe critical actions when saving someone from sudden cardiac arrest.

User agreement and Washington state AED legislation

The purpose of having a user agreement is to inform the owner/user/acquirer of an automated external defibrillator (AED) of Washington state requirements as defined in RCW 70.54.310.

Shockingly Simple resources

Download posters and access key links related to the Shockingly Simple campaign.

Today, there are more than 5,000 registered AEDs in King County – contributing to our county having one of the highest witnessed out-of-hospital defibrillation SCA survival rates in the world.

When seconds can mean life or death, make sure your organization is prepared.