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Resources for registered PHRC members

  • WAserv
    Access your volunteer account in Washington State's emergency worker database.

  • PHRC member hours form
    Please fill out this form each week that you participate in a volunteer activity with Public Health-Seattle and King County to help us record the many hours members have dedicated to the PHRC.

  • MRC Train
    Visit the Medical Reserve Corps training platform on which all Public Health Reserve Corps trainings and training plans are kept. Please send an email to to request an account be made for you if you do not have one. If you already have account or create an account for yourself, please ensure that you are associated with our training group by adding National/Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Region 10 (X) Washington Public Health Reserve Corps of Seattle and King County under ‘Manage Groups’ within your profile.

  • Public Health Reserve Corps Closed Facebook Group
    If you are an active member of the Public Health Reserve Corps, join our Facebook page to connect with other Reserve Corps Members!

  • Condado de King Facebook