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Waste Clearance

Find information on our Waste Clearance process, how to apply, and how to renew an existing permit.

What is Waste Clearance?

King county’s waste acceptance rule restricts or prohibits disposal of some types of waste at our facilities. This can be for operational, environmental, or safety and health reasons. Through Waste Clearance, we evaluate restricted waste and determine if and how it can be safely accepted for disposal.

Waste Clearance process

  • Determine if your waste originated within King County’s service area

    Our service area is within the borders of King County, excluding the cities of Seattle and Milton. If your waste is outside our service area, contact your local agency for service:

    If your waste is within our service area, proceed to step 2.

  • Determine if Waste Clearance is required

    Find your specific waste type on the Disposal restrictions page. If it's listed, the restriction details will state whether Waste Clearance is required.

    If you're still unsure, contact us for help at or call 206-477-4466.

  • Apply for Waste Clearance

    Complete a Generators Waste Clearance Application and email it to

    Some wastes also need Health Department approval. In that case, we refer you to the Seattle/King County Public Health Waste Screening Program. If Public Health approves the waste for disposal, we will resume processing your Generators Waste Clearance Application.

  • Clearance notification

    We will notify you by email whether your waste is approved or denied for disposal.

    If your waste is approved, we will email you a Waste Clearance Disposal Permit. This permit specifies which facility or facilities you can use. It has an expiration date and states the conditions that must be met before and during disposal. You must present the Waste Clearance Disposal Permits at the time of disposal.

Waste Clearance renewal

  • Receive the renewal form

    Customers issued an annual Waste Clearance Disposal Permit will receive a Waste Clearance Renewal Form by email the month before the expiration date.

  • Review and revise

    Review the form and add revisions as needed.

  • Submit the completed form

    Sign the completed form (with or without revisions) and e-mail it to us at

  • Renewal notification

    If your Waste Clearance renewal is approved, we will email you a new Waste Clearance Disposal Permit before the old one expires.

Renewals that require Health Department approval

If your Health Department Waste Screening Decision (formerly Waste Characterization Decision) is set to expire, we will notify you by e-mail to complete the Health Department Waste Screening Application Form.

Once the Health Department provides a new Waste Screening Report, we will review it and, if approved, issue you a new Waste Clearance Disposal Permit by email.