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About Us

Meet our education team and learn about our mission and vision. 


Our mission is to educate and motivate a diverse community to act as stewards of our water resources.

Educational goals

  • Increase the communities understanding of and connection to King County’s wastewater system.
  • Create partnerships and collaborate with schools and community organizations.
  • Increase knowledge and create positive changes in behavior within the community that limit impacts on wastewater systems and the environment.
  • Motivate the public to pursue careers in fields related to water and the environment.
  • Prioritize equity and social justice by building and maintaining positive relationships with diverse and underserved communities.
  • Provide safe and welcoming gathering spaces to support various community needs.
  • Maintain the health of our natural areas and facilities through sustainable practices.

Our partners

 Islandwood logo

IslandWood is a local non-profit organization that provides exceptional learning experiences to inspire lifelong environmental and community stewardship.  IslandWood partnered with King County to allow for expansion of education programs at the Brightwater Center and will act as the lead in development and facilitation of elementary & middle school programs, teacher trainings, family programs and summer camps.

Nature Vision logo

Nature Vision
is a non-profit organization that fosters appreciation and stewardship of the environment through presenting a wide range of hands-on, minds-on programs about natural and cultural resources to school age students, families, and adult groups. Nature Vision collaborates with King County on special events and family programs.

Friends of the Cedar River Watershed

Friends of the Cedar River Watershed is a non-profit organization that engages people to enhance and sustain watershed through restoration, education, and stewardship. Friends of the Cedar River Watershed is dedicated to the protection and restoration of the Cedar River/Lake Washington Watershed and all the communities within its boundaries.

Friends of Hidden River logo

This project was made possible by a unique partnership between King County Wastewater Treatment Division and Friends of Hidden River. This group of exceptional educators has tirelessly raised money and involved the community in the possibilities for this center. Friends has played an integral role in shaping plans for the Center and to date have secured more than $1 million in grant funding for the facility.

Snohomish Public Utility District logo

Thanks to Snohomish County PUD and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, an array of solar panels will soon provide energy for the Center as well as real-time data and educational opportunities.

McLendon Hardware

Thanks to McLendon Hardware for sponsoring the green home display exhibit.