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Local Services

Providing local government services to unincorporated King County

Participatory Budgeting Steering Committee 2023-24

Local Services staff members with members of the 2023-24 Participatory Budgeting Steering Committee. This program empowers members of unincorporated communities to decide how government funds will be spent in their neighborhoods. Learn more

Are you in unincorporated
King County?

Here are two ways to find out.

  1. Find or enter your address on this map. The green layer shows unincorporated King County.
  2. Enter your address in King County's Parcel Viewer and see what’s listed as the jurisdiction.


Community Service Areas

Unincorporated parts of the county are divided into seven Community Service Areas so county agencies can better serve each community.

Community Needs Lists

People tell us what they want King County to do in their communities, then help us prioritize those things.
Link goes to our community outreach site

Community Office Hours

Every week, King County Local Services hosts in-person office hours in unincorporated communities. Find one near you!

Community Vans

A customized transportation option offering group trips for community residents in Skyway and on Vashon Island.

Participatory Budgeting

Community members help King County decide what projects to fund in five urban unincorporated areas.



Subarea plans help guide development decisions in King County’s six rural Community Service Areas and five urban potential annexation areas.