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LOK-IT-UP logoWhat you can do to prevent gun violence

Safely store your firearms.
Find out the best way to lock up your guns and where you can purchase safe storage devices.

Talk to family and friends about safe storage.
Asking if guns are safely stored may save lives.

Know the warning signs of suicide.
Understand the risk of having an unlocked gun accessible to an at-risk individual and remove access.

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2017-18 flu seasonIt's flu season!

We've got flu information for individuals and families, pregnant women, schools, employers, and health care providers.

Norovirus ("the stomach bug")

Norovirus ("the stomach bug")What you've probably been calling "a stomach bug"― the fast and furious illness that causes vomiting and diarrhea ― could be norovirus. Norovirus is a germ that spreads quickly and easily, especially in enclosed spaces like nursing homes, schools, child care facilities, and office buildings. Learn more through the resources below:

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