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Healthy water, air, and soil

Learn how to protect and maintain healthy environmental conditions, including topics like lead and arsenic, indoor air quality, and mold.


Pool and spa permits and guidelines

Learn about swimming pool and spa permits, guidelines and resources.

Pollution Identification and Correction Program (PIC)

Learn about clean water in King County.

Fishing for safe seafood to eat

Find out where to catch and eat safe seafood in King County.


Indoor air quality and mold

Learn how mold and indoor air quality can impact your health.

Wildfire preparedness

Learn how wildfire smoke impacts your health and how you can prepare.


School plan review

Learn about review plans for new and pre-remodeled schools.

Waste disposal and dumping

Learn about solid and biomedical waste disposal, and illegal dumping.

Lead and Toxics Program

Learn how arsenic and lead poisoning can affect your health.

Sharps disposal

Learn how to safely and legally dispose of syringes, needles, and lancets (sharps).

Illegal drug labs

Learn about methamphetamine labs, their cleanup, and how to report an illegal drug lab.