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Illegal drug labs

Learn about methamphetamine labs, their cleanup, and how to report an illegal drug lab.

What to do about a suspected drug lab location

Public Health no longer investigates or declares properties contaminated and unfit for use. Funding for this program ended in 2010.

If you suspect there is an actively operating illegal drug lab, or ongoing illegal drug activity:

  • contact local law enforcement.

For suspected inactive drug lab sites, where previous drug activity is suspected to have occurred:

  • Public Health strongly recommends you contact a state of Washington Certified Drug Lab Decontamination Contractor to evaluate the property for possible contamination and cleanup at the owner’s expense.
  • Working with a certified contractor is the safest way to ensure a suspected drug lab is safely cleaned up.
  • View a list of certified contractors currently licensed in Washington state to do decontamination work.

Public Health does not investigate alleged drug labs

Public Health’s role is limited to "Legacy" sites, which were identified as contaminated prior to 2010.

Due to lack of funding, Public Health no longer investigates alleged labs reported to us by county residents. Very few "legacy” sites remain that are awaiting cleanup by a State of Washington Certified Decontamination Contractor.

You can view the list of inactive legacy sites, and use this form to ask about the decontamination status of a legacy site on the list. In the form, please include: the property address, your email address, and/or your phone number. Our staff will respond to you directly.

For the remaining legacy sites on the list, Public Health will:

  • Inform interested persons about potential hazards.
  • Require owners seeking to have their properties decontaminated to obtain the services of a State of Washington certified drug lab decontamination contractor to evaluate and decontaminate the property.