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Studies and surveys

Curbside collection study

2017 study looking at the composition of single-family garbage, recycling, and compost.

2018 King County Curbside Characterization Report

Customer satisfaction surveys

These surveys gather customer feedback on the use of our facilities and services. 

2018 Report: Customer Satisfaction Surveys Final 2016 Report: Transfer Station Customer Survey 2014 Report: Customer Satisfaction Surveys Final

Construction & demolition study

2008 study of sources and makeup of the construction and demolition material stream

2009 Report: Construction and Demolition Materials Characterization Study

Markets for recyclable materials study

2014 study of markets for curbside recyclables, organics and construction and demolition waste.

2015 Report: Market Assessment for Recyclable Materials

Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) studies

Studies of regional Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs). The study looked at what recyclables are processed at these facilities and the level of contamination.

2020 Report: Materials Recovery Facility Assessment: Recyclables Characterization 2006 Report: Material Recovery Facility Assessment

Organics (compost) studies

2022 study looking at the makeup of single-family and nonresidential organics collected in King County

2022 Report: Organics Characterization

2022 Vashon Island community survey of waste practices and input on compost management

2022 Vashon Island Solid Waste Survey

2019 study looking at the makeup of organics materials collected from commercial businesses

2019 Commercial Organic Materials Characterization

2017 study to estimate how much commercial food waste is produced in King County and what portion is edible. 

2017 Report: King County Targeted Business Characterization

2015 study looking at the makeup of single-family organics collected curbside.   

2015 Report: Organics Characterization

Waste characterization studies

These studies track the amount and types of materials in King County’s waste stream. We sample and analyze loads brought to our facilities. We also survey customers to understand how people use our facilities 2022 Report: Waste Characterization and Customer Survey 2019 Report: Waste Characterization and Customer Survey 2015 Report: Waste Characterization and Customer Survey

Wood study

2021 study looking at the types and quality of clean wood available for potential reuse markets 

2021 Clean Wood Collection and Reuse Assessment

Our program

Since 1990, our Waste Monitoring Program has conducted research to understand King County's waste. This work helps us understand customers' needs, plan for the future, and track progress towards waste reduction goals.