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Online application for a permanent food plan review

Learn how to submit an online application for a permanent food plan review.



Plan review approval is required prior to starting construction.

How do I submit an online application for a permanent food plan review?

  • Online services portal

    For new construction or remodels of an existing business, go to Environmental Health's online services portal.
  • Register

    If you are a new user, click on:

    "First-time users register here."

    • Click on "Register if you are an individual or a food service establishment plan review applicant".
    • You will receive a confirmation email with your account name and password.
    • Once you get your account name and password, click on "Registered users log in here."


    If you have already created an account, click on "Registered users log in here."

  • Permanent food plan review

    Once you have logged in, click on "Permanent Food Plan Review" on the left side menu.
  • Complete the application and pay the fee

    Click on "Click here for a new Permanent Food Plan Review."

    • Complete the application form.
    • Attach your application document.
    • Pay the fee.
  • Check the status of your application

    After you have paid the application fee, you will be able to print the application for your records. You will receive a confirmation email, and you can check the status of your application.

    Note: It may take up to 10 weeks for a plan reviewer to respond to your application.

  • Approval confirmation

    When your application is approved, we will notify you by email. You can then get the approved set of documents from your account.

  • Changes to your plans

    If you need to make any changes, you can submit a new plan and payment after you receive approval.

    • Click on the "Resubmit attachment" link on the left side menu for your plan review application.
    • Upload your new documents and make a payment.
  • Additional fees

    If Plan Reviewers spent time more than what the base fee covers, we will add an invoice to your account. You will receive an email that you have an invoice ready for payment.

    • Once you are logged in, click "Plan Review Invoice" on the left side menu.
    • Make your payment.

Please note: You must complete the entire application. Review the following documents to make sure you have all the necessary information and documentation before starting:

Document checklist for the permanent food plan review application

▢   Site Plan - show the facility in relation to: wells or septic systems (if applicable), streets, sidewalks, parking, and garbage areas.

▢   Menu - provide a detailed menu of all the food and beverages you will be serving or a list of food and beverages you will be selling.

▢   Floor Plan - provide a floor plan of the entire facility. It must show the location of all equipment (sinks, refrigeration, countertop appliances, cooking equipment, hot water heater, etc.), restrooms, storage areas, etc.

▢   Equipment List of Schedule - provide the make and model number of all equipment such as refrigeration units, hot water tanks, including countertop appliances, etc.

▢   Finish Schedule - provide the materials used for all floors, walls, and ceilings in all areas.

▢   Seating Arrangement - show the placement of chairs and tables for both indoor and outdoor seating.