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Superior Court Clerk's Office

Department of Judicial Administration

The county clerk is an official who maintains the official records of superior court cases, oversees all record-keeping pertaining to those court cases, and administers justice system programs. In King County, the county clerk also has the title of Director of the Department of Judicial Administration, an executive branch department.

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Document Filing Links

Electronic Filing

How to file a new case or file into an existing case

Ex Parte via the Clerk

How to make submissions to Ex Parte via the Clerk

Working Copies

Submit Working Copies to the Court

Electronic Exhibits

How to submit electronic exhibits, for certain court proceedings

Voluntary Waiver of Firearm Rights

How to file a voluntary waiver of firearm rights, or a revocation of a voluntary waiver of firearm rights

Records Access Links

How to Access Court Records

How to view and access court records

Court Data and Reports

How to request and view court reports and court data