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Many King County facilities are closed to the public, and many services are being offered remotely. Learn more about changes and cancellations.  
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Update from the Superior Court regarding Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Activities

King County Superior Court is committed to protecting the safety and security of our community while performing our Constitutional duties.

Current Court Operations during the COVID-19 Crisis:

Civil: Description of Operations and Emergency Order

Family Law: Description of Operations and Emergency Order

Dependency: Description of Operations and Emergency Order

Juvenile: Description of Operations and Emergency Order

Criminal: Emergency Order

The Court is open for limited services, implementing Washington State Supreme Court Orders, and has significantly reduced operations to essential services as described in the below referenced Emergency Orders. 

Jurors: All King County Superior Court jury trials are suspended through April 24, 2020. If you have received a Summons for a trial date before then, do not come to court on that date.

Filed Date Court Order (linked to document)
WSSC 04/03/2020  WA Supreme Court Order: Regarding Dependency and Termination Cases 
#16  03/30/2020 Regarding Dependency Matters 
#15 03/27/2020 Regarding Civil and Family Law Matters
#14 03/24/2020 Immediately Allowing Telephonic Interpretation for All Case Types
#13 03/24/2020 Regarding Dependency Matters (Superseded by Emergency Order #16)
WSSC 03/20/2020 WA Supreme Court Amended Order: Addressing court matters and proceedings through April 24, 2020
#11A 03/20/2020 Amended Order #11 Regarding Civil Matters (Superseded by Emergency Order #15)
#12  03/19/2020  Children and Family Justice Center: (1) Juvenile Offender Operations; (2) At-Risk Youth, Children in Need of Services / Truancy Operations 
#11  03/19/2020  Regarding Civil Matters  (Superseded by Emergency Order #15)
#10  03/19/2020  Regarding Presentation of Adult Criminal Defendants 
WSSC 03/18/2020  WA Supreme Court Order: Addressing court matters and proceedings between now and through April 24, 2020
#9  03/18/2020  Stay of Residential Unlawful Detainer Cases until March 30, 2020 (Extended by Emergency Order #15)
#8 03/17/2020 Eviction Enforcement for Nonpayment of Rent Suspended Indefinitely 
UFC  03/17/2020 Unified Family Court General Order Re: (1) Trial Continuances; (2) Post-Secondary Child Support (Superseded by Emergency Order #15)
#7  03/17/2020  Regarding ITA Court and Cases 
#6 03/16/2020  (1) Limiting Motions and Court Appearances in Family Law Matters; (2) Addressing Family Law Operations / Services (Superseded by Emergency Order #15)
#5 03/13/2020  Regarding Dependency Proceedings 
#4 03/13/2020 (1) Civil Pretrial & Motion Hearings to Be Held Telephonically Unless Specific Request Made; (2) Implementing Attached Plan for All Ex Parte Matters; (3) Changing Family Law Procedures in Ex Parte
#3 03/13/2020 (1) Suspending Juror Summons; (2) Continuing Jury Trials for All Case Types; (3) Ruling on Speedy Trial for Criminal Cases; (4) Addressing Ongoing Jury Trials
#2 03/11/2020 Allowing Telephonic Testimony in All Non-Trial Hearings for All Case Types
WSSC 03/04/2020 WA Supreme Court Order: Presiding Judges are authorized to adopt, modify, and suspend court rules and orders, and to take further actions concerning court operations, as warranted to address the current public health emergency 

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WARNING: Superior Court Phone Scam Reported

Telephone calls have been received that appear to be coming from the King County Superior Court phone number: (206) 477-2600.

The caller has identified himself/herself as a special prosecutor or from the Court, claims the receiver is under investigation or has an outstanding warrant, and attempts to extort money.

This is a scam. Please hang-up and treat the call as you would any unauthorized, fraudulent request.

The Superior Court does not accept payments or collect funds over the phone.