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Superior Court Daily Calendar

The current morning or afternoon schedule for King County Superior Court judges. Current commissioners and pro tempore staff also listed.

AM Daily Calendar - Thursday, May 30th, 2024

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Judge Room Jury On the schedule
Amini, Susan H. W-864 J State v. Martinell (Child Molestation) 
Ballinger, Kristin 3G
Bender, Johanna GA   MRJC Chief Judge Criminal Motions / Arraignments / Bond Calendar GA
Berns, Elizabeth A3127/3J   Criminal Filings / Search Warrants / Ex Parte
Campagna, Joe CCFJC 1B
Offender Calendar
 Cary, Monica A4052/4D   Latkiewicz v. Latkiewicz (Dissolution With Children)
Chung, Samuel
I.C. Motions
Crisalli, Paul A3006/ 3A  J State v. Salad (Contested Competency)
Darvas, Andrea W-728

Mental Health/Involuntary Treatment Court

Dixon, William A4024 4B
Ex Parte
Donohue, Karen ITA Ct. 1
(Harborview Ct. 1) Mental Health/Involuntary Treatment Court - ON LEAVE
Ferguson, Marshall E-713 J State v. Ross (Assault) 
Flevaris, Taki  4F   I.C. Motions
Galván, Veronica

Chief Juvenile Judge / Offender Calendar

Hawk, Jaime 3H
I.C. Motions
Helson, Janet CCFJC 4D   Lead Dependency Judge / Dependency Trial
Holloway, Jason E-209 J State v. Chesney (Contested Competency) 
Kaake, Angela  E-847   Decisions in Chambers
Keenan, David
Assistant Chief Criminal Judge / Criminal Motions & Competency Calendar 
Lapin, Matt CCFJC 3C   Smith v. Nichols (UFC)
Larrañaga, Mark  4H
State v. Leemoui (Murder)
Lee, Nelson K.H. W-842
  Trial in Snohomish County
Madsen, Hillary W-739
State v. Ott (Vehicular Homicide)
McCoy, Adrienne CCFJC 4B
72 Hour Shelter Care Hearings
McCullough, LeRoy A4006/4A   TEDRA Trial
McDonald, Brian E-762


McHale, John E-912/3H
Drug Court Judge / Seattle Drug Court Calendar
McKee, Maureen A4034/4C

Plea Court
Messitt, Annette
Auld v. City of Seattle (Personal Injury)
O’Donnell, Sean W-817 J

Tomaszewski v. Dollar Tree Stores Inc (Personal Injury)

Oishi, Patrick E-746 Decisions in Chambers
Parisien, Suzanne W-355
I.C. Motions 
Phelps, Nicole 3F State v. Nelson (Murder)
Port, Cindi E-863 J State v. Irving / State v. Porter (Murder) 
Poydras, Jason CCFJC 3A
Pretrial Conferences
Rampersad, Rania CCFJC 3B   Decisions in Chambers
Richardson, Kristin CCFJC 4A
Seattle Dependency Calendar
Robertson, Andrea E-815 J
State v. Tucker (Unlawful Possession of Firearms) 
Rogers, Jim E-733

Ex Parte via the Clerk Motions

Rothrock, Averil 4J

Ryan, Michael E-835
J State v. Tomoson (SVP)
Schubert, Ken W-813

Decisions i