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Involuntary Treatment Act Court - Superior Court

Learn more about Superior Court's civil court for Involuntary Treatment Act cases.

The Involuntary Treatment Act (ITA) Court is at Harborview Medical Center. The ITA Court sees petitions for court-ordered mental health treatment not part of a criminal case.

The ITA Court is located at Harborview Medical Center

A Superior Court judge or commissioner decides if a person needs to be civilly committed. This is only if they pose a threat to themselves or others due to exhibited symptoms of mental illness. Each year King County Superior Court receives roughly 4,000 involuntary commitment petitions.

By law, the Prosecuting Attorney's Office must represent the treatment facility seeking longer involuntary treatment. To check in for a hearing, talk to a Prosecuting Attorney or if you have been issued a Subpoena, please call 206 744-7774. You will need to leave a message.

The King County Department of Public Defense provides legal services to people committed to a mental health or substance abuse facility against their will. Call DPD at 206-477-9727 for more information.

Obtain records of ITA proceedings

Call the Superior Court Clerk's Office at 206-296-9300.

ITA Court Forms

Check that the completed document conforms to all rules governing acceptable document format, particularly those stated in General Rule 14 (6KB). This includes but is not limited to the requirement that writing/printing shall appear on 1 side of the page only.