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Virtual Family Law hearings

Learn more about hearings for Domestic Violence Protection Orders on or after July 26, 2021, and motions on the Family Law Motions Calendar. These do not apply to motions in front of judges.

All family law motions are being heard through Zoom, a video communications platform. If you do not appear for your hearing, the hearing may be conducted without you or stricken.

Learn more about appearing for your video hearing

Appear for your hearing

You may have a morning or afternoon hearing date. Zoom links will be published 2 days prior to your hearing. Please check back later if your hearing date is not yet listed.


On the documents linked below, find the date of your hearing and the name of your case. A Zoom link will be next to your case to join your hearing. If you cannot attend via the link, you may use the phone number and meeting ID to attend by phone (not preferred). 

Morning (8:30 am) Calendar (282KB)

If your hearing is on the 8:30 am calendar, it may start at any time beginning at 9 am. Check-in begins a half-hour before court (8:30 to 9 am.)

Afternoon (1 p.m.) Calendar (240KB)

For the 1 p.m. calendar, your hearing may start at any time beginning at 1:30 pm. Check-in begins a half-hour before court (1 to 1:30 pm.)

If you are having trouble viewing the most recent calendar, try clearing your internet browser cache (browsing data) and try again.

If you don't see your motion

If the date of your motion is listed, but your motion is not on the list, your motion may not have been properly scheduled or not confirmed. You can see whether your motion is on the calendar by visiting Family Law Motions Scheduling. If your case is not on the calendar and you do not have an attorney, you can contact the Family Law Facilitators for more information on the process of scheduling your motion.

If you cannot access Zoom for your hearing, you can use the phone number provided.

If you are unable to connect by Zoom or phone, please email: